The child joins his meteorologist mother working from home and makes an appearance on television. Watch Viral Video | Tendency

The viral video of the meteorologist mother holding her child while reporting has captured people’s hearts.

A video of a toddler joining his meteorologist mom working from home is the latest viral clip people can’t get enough of. The video is part of a weather forecast article on the Weekend Express show with Susan Hendricks. The clip has now captured people’s hearts, there’s a chance the video will make you say aww too.

Many are now sharing the video on various social media platforms. Just like this post shared by Twitter user Alex Donovan. He shared the video which shows meteorologist Rebecca Schuld reporting while holding her 13-week-old baby Fiona. What makes the video even more interesting to watch is how Schuld wittily includes his baby while talking about the weather.

Take a look at the video:

The video prompted many people to share various loving comments. Just like this Twitter user who shared, “What a sweetie.” Then there is this individual who wrote: “His daughter is going to love that her mother did this.

Schuld also reacted to the post shared by Donovan. She reposted the video and wrote: “OMG…this appearance with baby Fiona is going crazy!! I think she needs to be on payroll at this point.

What do you think of the video?

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