Character: Annie
Directed by: James Glickenhaus
Written by: James Glickenhaus
Other cast: Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus, Pat Morita, Michael Dorn
Release date: December 27, 1995
Genre: Adventure/Sci-Fi
Running time: 100 mins

In the year 2007 in "Palisades City, the Edge of the Universe," an advanced humanoid race bet their individual supplies of immortality elixir on virtual reality-style games with a difference: these contests truly do occur, on countless distant worlds whose unlucky inhabitants don't know their disasters, wars and assassinations result from these beings' callous manipulation. The goal of the latest match will be to make the humans nuke themselves. In a vast post-nuclear desert, the aliens land and snatch the heroic Parker family for the games in Palisades City. In an orphanage, Jesse Parker defies evil administrators by insisting that his folks aren't really dead. He's mentored by nearby shack-bound eccentric Isaiah, an alien in revolt against the cruel games. Jesse must jump through time on a mission to rescue his parents and save the Earth from the evil Chairman.

Michelle: “I’m not embarrassed about stuff like that movie Timemaster, because it’s something that I did and it’s a part of me and I was really young. I’ve been doing this for 11 years and for it to be interesting, it should be varied. And there are things like Timemaster, that are a part of what I’ve done.”