The Hawk Is Dying

Character: Betty
Directed by: Julian Goldberger
Written by: Harry Crews (novel), Julian Goldberger (screenplay)
Other cast: Paul Giamatti, Michael Pitt, Rusty Schwimmer, Robert Wisdom
Release date: March 30, 2007 (New York & Los Angeles)
Genre: Drama
Running time: 112 mins

When stricken with a family tragedy, George (Academy Award Nominee Paul Giamatti) becomes obsessed with taming a wild, red-tail hawk. In a tour-de-force performance he locks himself into a battle of wills with a fierce creature that would rather die than succumb.

Michelle: “[I play] a woman who’s going beyond fear and going beyond beauty and breaking herself down. I have no eyebrows, the ugliest clothes you could possibly dream of, and this insane gray mop of hair.”

Notable Mentions
• Based on the 1973 novel The Hawk is Dying by Harry Crews.
• Michelle plays Betty, a psychology student who works at George’s shop.
• Filmed on location in Florida, in 24 days.
• Michael Pitt previously co-starred with Michelle on Dawson’s Creek.