Oprah made one final guest appearance on “Ellen” 2022

After a 19-year run, Ellen is ending her eponymous TV show – and after nearly a dozen appearances over those years (including a virtual one), Oprah stepped out for one final episode in the past week. of the show.

Ellen officially ends today, and for Oprah’s final appearance, which aired on Tuesday, the duo talked about All stand up first on the OWN network, Gayle’s grandson Luca, and, of course, Ellen’s nearly two-decade run. Nobody knows how to say goodbye to an iconic talk show like Oprah, so read on for every behind-the-scenes detail about her latest. Ellen live.

When Oprah was getting ready backstage, she got a glimpse of what was being recorded on stage — Ellen and tWitch dancing with the audience — and she couldn’t help but dance to the music. Oprah also shared the lively energy that ran through the building. “There’s a vibrancy and an electricity behind the scenes,” she said.

While the Ellen had this fun vibe, Oprah also acknowledged that a lot of people working on the show were sad to say goodbye. “It’s a bit bittersweet – everyone is so glad you did all this work, but also know that a lot of those people you’ll never see again – those people who have become your family,” he said. she stated. Oprah knows firsthand what it means to end a long-running show, so it was all the more special that she came out for one of Ellen’s final episodes. “That’s why I’m here,” Oprah said. “To honor, to pay homage, to celebrate.”

talk show host ellen degeneres with oprah winfrey at a taping of the ellen show

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She communicated this to a large group of Ellen staff members, who applauded Oprah. “I know how you feel,” Oprah said. “But you did a wonderful job – and you will have this job forever. There will never be another time like this. Congratulations to all of you.” After that, the staff had to give Lady O a standing O.

This episode marked Oprah’s first time in front of an audience since the pandemic began. “It’s good to see people!” Oprah said after the crowd cheered for nearly a minute. The audience didn’t know Oprah would be invited, and from the sounds of their screams, it’s safe to say it was a happy surprise.

preview of Oprah chats with Ellen staffers ahead of series finale

Ellen and Oprah share a unique bond as members of the small community of talk show hosts. Oprah noted that seeing Ellen’s staff members reminded her of her former colleagues. As Oprah explained, hosting a talk show is a lot harder than it looks, but a top-notch band working behind the scenes means everything. “It doesn’t happen without a great team,” Oprah said.

The duo’s relationship goes deeper than that: Oprah and Ellen actually own neighboring homes in Montecito, Calif. Oprah shared a hilarious pandemic story about a time when Pete Buttigieg and her husband, Chasten Buttigieg, visited Ellen. Oprah and Gayle were quarantined at Oprah’s, but they decided to walk to where the backyard meets Ellen’s. A small stream separates the two properties, so they used it as a social distancing measure and shouted at each other, much to the confusion of several hikers who passed by.

Oprah also shared how she recently toured the set of The purple color and why she’s so excited to bring the musical’s story to the big screen. She also talked about bringing All stand up to OWN—the show, originally canceled after two seasons by CBS, will continue to air on OWN in June. “It was a great privilege for us to save this show,” she told Ellen. “To me, that’s the epitome of what diversity and inclusion mean. Everyone who walks through the door represents what the country looks like.

Oprah takes the stage in the Ellen show

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Ellen also had to ask about Gayle’s new grandson, Luca, and Oprah couldn’t help but tease Gayle about the name of her grandmother she hoped would be called. Gayle suggested Gaia, which means Mother Earth. Oprah told Ellen that she thinks Luca will choose Gayle’s grandmother’s name himself, but that Oprah also hopes he will start calling her Aunt O. “Every time I see the baby , I’m like ‘O, O'” Oprah said. “It’s so easy to say, Aunt O.”

Finally, Ellen shared some hilarious (and fake) covers of her and Oprah on Oh, Oprah’s magazine—plus the real one, released in december 2009. Since they work so well together, Ellen offered up a few projects they could do now that her show is ending: There’s CSI: Montecitowhich Oprah denied, and Big Ole O-lever, which Oprah liked, saying she ran for student council president under the campaign slogan “Big ole Oprah”. (She won, of course). The proposed project that took the cake for Oprah, however, was Real old talk show hosts from Santa Barbara.

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Oprah thought Ellen’s O magazine campaign was a joke

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Before their time was up, Ellen thanked Oprah for being her mentor. Oprah stressed the importance of Ellen taking some time off now, saying they would see each other again soon in the garden. When Oprah left the stage, the show staff applauded her once more. “Best TV crew!” Oprah called them. “You all made me cry.”

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Oprah gets emotional as Ellen nears end of show

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