Olivia Colman makes a surprise guest appearance

Netflix’s queer and initiatory romance Heart stroke about two boys who fall and love each other and stumble trying to communicate that to each other and express themselves openly just released its first full season and there’s a pretty amazing appearance in the middle of all the young love. While the heart (pun intended) of the series lies in the heartwarming relationships of the two boys Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nicholas Nelson (Kit Connor) and their friends, the webcomic turned novel based on by Alice Osman also shows the importance of accompaniment in such a process of transition to adulthood. This is best exemplified by Nick’s mother, Sarah. Sarah is shown to be kind, if a little oblivious throughout the season before finally supporting her son in a heartwarming scene at the end. But it all came as a bit of a shock when Olivia Colman appeared on screen to play the role!


Colman is a legendary actress with an Oscar for her performance in The favourite and a Primetime Emmy for playing Queen Elizabeth II in The crown among many other roles, including in Flea bag, The night manager, The Mitchells vs. the Machinesand The Electric Life of Louis Wainbut there wasn’t a word she was even in Heart stroke. A problem of JÓN Magazine had teased before that a winner would take on the role, but there was no indication otherwise who it might be. Colman in particular stands out in a series made up of mostly newcomers. Her moment at the end of the season shines as she responds to Nick admitting his bisexuality with only pride and love for his son.

Oseman and producer patrick walters had discussed the idea of ​​Colman playing Nick’s mother, but they only considered it a pipe dream at the time. In an interview with Metro, Oseman even admitted that she thought casting Colman for the role was “the dumbest idea ever” due to the level of fame and acclaim she had. She added, “I thought it was out of the question that she wanted to be in it or someone famous wanted to be in it. I was wrong!”

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Playing opposite Colman in the scene, Connor admitted to some nervousness and admiration for the actress’ innate ability to act, telling JÓN:

It was downright crazy. We spent two days filming with her and it was an honor to be able to work with someone of her caliber. She is so talented and makes it look so easy. A lot of my really important scenes as a character are alongside him, so I felt like that was something I really wanted to do well. The last scene I have with her is one that I circled thinking “I gotta get it right”. It’s something I didn’t take lightly, being able to work with her.

Apparently Connor had nothing to worry about as Walters described the scene moving the veteran actress to tears, saying:

In their scene, when he was dating her during rehearsal, she was just staring at Kit, and her performance was so emotional that she burst into tears and forgot her lines. It was kind of an amazing dream. Being there with her those days she seemed to really respond to Kit and what he was doing in those scenes and feeling like the open communication between a mother and a son that age she said it was really adorable and pleasant to play.

Heart stroke also stars Yasmine Finney, Guillaume Gao, Corinne Brown, Kizzy Edgell, Cormac Hyde-Corrin, Sebastien Croft, Tobie Donovanand Rhea Norwood. Oseman created and wrote the show based on his work with Euro Lyn on board to steer. Walters executive produced the series which comes from production company See Saw Films.

All episodes of the first season of this charming coming-of-age romance are currently available on Netflix.

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