On Dawson losing his virginity with Jen
“We got ‘consumed by our passion,’ sliding all around on these satin sheets,” she says, rolling her eyes and squirming. “It was really strange. For years, people have been talking about Dawson losing his virginity. I never thought it would be my job.”

On theater
“I love theater so much. It’s just so safe and free there. The liveness. I think that’s the beauty of it, the purity of it. Theater gets me back to everything I started acting for.”

On her fashion sense
“A lot of trousers, vintage beaded sweaters, with the occasional pink one. Funny T-shirts, a favourite pair of motorcycle boots. My black leather BCBG pants. I feel like a rock star [in them]. I have a lot of ballet slipper-type shoes I got in New York for $6.”

On her family’s reaction to her career
“My parents are so proud. I did a movie called Dick, I got naked on stage, now I’m doing this HBO thing where I’m a lesbian. I mean, good God, I’m just causing shame to my household!”

On her early career
“I thought ‘Lassie’ was bad. But having worms come out of your face? Never do a sci-fi movie in high school.”

On growing up
“All the mistakes, all the good times and bad, have really shaped me and changed me.”

On fame
“I don’t want to be the ‘it’ girl.”

On the Hollywood scene
“Making a lifestyle out of going to premieres is just a dead end. I can’t imagine anything worse than a crowd of people. It makes me ill. Honestly, I would rather be at the dentist.”

On dating
“I’ve just never been that comfortable around people my own age, so I’ve always dated older men.”

On her maturity
“It’s the woman/child thing that I’ve got going on inside my head, I have always felt older than I am and most of my friends are considerably older than me. I just never related to kids my own age.”

On music
“Whatever happened to really awesome hardcore chicks like the Runaways? How did we all get so fluffy all of a sudden?”

On moving to L.A.
“I came to L.A. so wide-eyed, the picture of fresh-faced innocence — and so fucking excited. I just thought I would work! I just thought I would play cool parts!”

On sex appeal
“I think it’s a lot sexier not to flaunt everything.”

On being a role model
“I don’t want to be an unhealthy role model.”

On what she learns from her roles
“I learn a lot; what I learn cannot be expressed in words.”

On her “Dawson’s Creek” character Jen
“She’s this stable, happy-go-lucky girl still wrestling with demons; she grew up quickly at a real fast pace. Of course I can relate to that.”

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