Max Cavalera Says New Soulfly Album Will Feature ‘A Very Old School Metalhead’ Guest Appearance

In a new interview with the Podcast “Rez Metal”, SOULFLY leader Max Cavalera talked about the group’s upcoming sequel to 2018 “Ritual” album, tentatively scheduled for July. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I’m in a really good mood musically right now. I’m very inspired. I think in general the underground movement is really popping up right now with a lot of big bands. There’s a lot really killer And I’m really in touch and involved with a lot of these bands And I think that kind of motivated me to work on this new SOULFLY disk.

“It was created a little differently,” he continued. “The majority was just me and my son Zion [Cavalera, SOULFLY drummer] play together, so we kind of wrote most of the material. And then I had a great producer friend, Arthur Rize; he worked with POWER TRIGGER and CODE AMBER. arthur that’s great man. And I was curious to know how arthur would make a SOULFLY record sound if it was charging [of] this. And we created something that, to me, is a bit like… It’s almost like a biography of Max the music. We cover everything from the early days to the end… So there’s black metal, there’s death and thrash, there’s groove metal — there’s everything. So the record goes really deep into all the different areas of metal. So because of that, the album feels very diverse. At the end of the day, I just wanted to make a solid, attitude-filled record that just says, “We’re here to fuck shit up.” This is what we do. That’s why I like to play metal, because of the energy it gives me.

“The record is actually very connected to nature, which is really cool,” Max Explain. “I think it’s mostly SOULFLY record that really talks about all the mystique of nature, like in forest spirits and spirit animals and things like that. So that was cool.

“We worked a lot on a lot of tracks. And I think arthur just does an amazing job.

“I don’t want to describe the record too much – I’d rather people hear it and see what they think of it – but to me, I feel like it’s just a really, really energetic album. SOULFLY disk,” Cavalera added. “It’s kind of cool to have this kind of… After so many records, if you can still put out an energetic record, that says a lot about your career; you’re not slowing down – you’re, in fact, going in the opposite direction So I’m more in the trenches than ever with this one. [I’ve been] rejuvenated; I feel like a young metal player again. These are great items to have. Especially when you get older, a lot of people get softer and slower. I am not one of those people. I just want to get even wilder, get heavier. But always with the SOULFLY groove, because I think that’s a key part of SOULFLY; it’s always been the groove. So we pay a lot of attention to the… We actually added a lot of percussion to it, so it sort of goes back to records like “Primitive”; some of the grooves go back to songs like ‘Primitive’ and ‘Boom’but some of the other stuff is super aggressive and it’s like a lot of current extreme metal that I’m listening to right now from a lot of other bands. »

He was asked if he had any guests appearing on the new SOULFLY album, Max said: “Yeah, but I want to keep it a secret, man. He’s a cool dude. I’ll tell ya – he’s a very old school metalhead. That’s all I can say. But I think people will really dig it.”

Last month, Max was requested by Sofa King Cool Magazine who played guitar on the band’s next album. He replied, “We’re keeping that kind of a secret right now. But, yeah, there are definitely different people. And I’m very excited. We’ve already played two songs on the tour. We played a song called “Dirt on Dirt” and we played a song called ‘Superstition’, which is not a recovery; it’s an original song. It just has the same name as the other song ‘Superstition’, but it is an original. We played there, and it was great – great fan reaction. So I think they’re going to love the new record. We’re just waiting a bit to start releasing the songs. I think they will start coming now in April. We will start broadcasting them Spotify and Apple Music and [SiriusXM‘s] liquid metal. But I’m very excited for the record, of course, and hopefully we can get a good tour out of it when it comes out, probably this summer.”

Video footage filmed by fans of SOULFLY carry out “Superstition” and “Dirt on Dirt” on February 14 at Cornerstone in Berkeley, Calif., can be seen below.

SOULFLY already played “Dirt on Dirt” during his summer 2021 US tour.

Last summer, Cavalera Recount “The Metal Teddy Bear Experiment” broadcast on the 90.3WMSC radio station, that “Dirt on Dirt” was “a killer song” that reminded him of “the old KILLER; that resembles SLAYER ‘Hell Waits’ the era meets SOULFLYwhich is always a good thing,” he said.

Asked if there is a general lyrical theme on the new SOULFLY album, Max said: “Some of them [is] actually dealing with the spiritual world and things like that, which is really cool. I think it’s always been kind of SOULFLY theme anyway. There is a song called “Spirit Animal” it’s really cool. And there will be a few guests. I’m not going to say who they are now; I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But, again, there will be special guests singing on this record.

“[There isn’t gonna be] a general theme,” he clarified. “It’s not going to be a thematic album like maybe [SEPULTURA‘s] ‘Roots’ sounded more like a tribal themed record. It looks more like a [mixture of subjects]. There’s a song about the environment and how we destroy the earth and stuff called “The Damage Caused”. And it went very well. So here is, [it’s] just my way of writing. It’s quite simple. I’m not trying to be fancy with this. I know what I’m doing. It’s like my riffs, I know how to do them. I don’t try to imagine them. That’s how they are – they’re simple but straightforward, and they work. And that’s what I love about it.”

last April, Max Recount Chris Enriquez of Saint Vitus Presents: Age Of Quarantine this Rizk took the new SOULFLY project “super seriously. He said, ‘Hey, MaxI don’t want to do just another one SOULFLY disk. I want to do the best SOULFLY ‘, he recalls. ‘I was, like, ‘Alright. I accept the challenge. Let’s do it, man.'”

As for the musical direction of the new SOULFLY Equipment, Max said: “It’s complete. I think it’s kind of the best ever. I think it’s a compilation Max Cavalera record of all 50 years. [Laughs] That’s what it does – there’s old stuff, there’s in-between stuff, there’s very SOULFLY vibration. He has a lot of groove. There’s a lot of quick stuff.”

In December 2020, Max say it “Sappenin Podcast with Sean Smith” on the process of writing songs for the new SOULFLY album: “What’s cool about Zion, the way he plays the drums, it’s kind of like a wild animal – he has no restraint, man, and he goes wild on the drums. Pure, brutal power drumming, and I love it. So that takes me back to a lot of the early records that I like – a lot of old BURIED tricks and CARCASS and DEATH BY NAPALM; shit out of control. So I think we have that kind of spirit on a lot of new tracks.”

In August, SOULFLY parted ways with longtime guitarist Marc Rizo due to personal differences. A permanent replacement guitarist has yet to be announced. THE FEAR FACTORYit’s Dino Cazares played the guitar for SOULFLY on the summer 2021 US tour and once again took on second guitar duties on the band’s final set of shows.

In June 2020, SOULFLY released a new digital EP, “NYC MMXIX Live Ritual”. The effort was recorded at the Gramercy in New York on February 11, 2019 as SOULFLY was on tour in support of his most recent album, “Ritual”. The EP’s audio was mixed and mastered by Charles Elliot (ABYSMALE DAWN) from Taste Maker Audio. The cover artwork was made up of photos taken live by Rodrigo Fredes.

“Ritual” was released in October 2018 via Nuclear explosion. The sequel to 2015 “Archangel” was produced, recorded and mixed by Josh Wilbour (KILLER BE KILLED, LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA).