LETTER: Recent guest appearance lacks common sense | Letters to the Editor

Appearance of guests lacked common sense

Ms. Petti’s recent appearance (Times, January 8) makes it clear that she does not support the wearing of masks. She says she would “like to see the research into these ‘simple measures’ that supposedly helped prevent the spread of the Covid virus”.

She then refers to a letter dated over a year ago from the state Department of Health which stated that the department then had no record regarding the effectiveness of mask use or the long-term effect of wearing a mask.

Well, such research now exists, and it is readily available online. Wearing a mask is not harmful and in fact helps prevent the spread of the Covid virus. Specifically, do you really need an in-depth study to show you that a barrier over your mouth and nose will help block the aerosol spray from your and others’ breath?

My son-in-law is a medical assistant who has worked and is working with a lot of Covid patients. He said it colorfully: Imagine that we live in a nudist society. If someone pees in front of you, your skin will get wet. If you put on pants, you will have some protection, but your skin will still get wet to some degree. If, however, the other person puts on pants…

There is a lot to be said for common sense.