Independent films shot in the Hudson Valley feature Peekskill, Yonkers

These locally filmed productions may not have made it to the Tribeca Film Festival, but in the spirit of celebrating all things film, and especially local films, these two are worth checking out:

A still of "Strawberry flavored plastic," a film shot in Peekskill, starring Aidan Bristow as Noel Rose.

‘Strawberry Flavored Plastic’

A mockumentary of found footage, “Strawberry Flavored Plastic” follows two aspiring documentarians, Errol and Ellis, who are approached by Noel Rose (Aiden Bristow), an ex-convict trying to live a normal life after a crime of passion. . where is he?

The documentarians, learning that nothing Noel told them is real and that he is an active serial killer, are faced with a dilemma: keep filming or do the right thing?

The first feature from Neon Briefcase, an independent film production company, “Strawberry Flavored Plastic” was shot almost entirely in Peekskill, the hometown of screenwriter and Neon Briefcase co-owner Colin Bemis.

“Everyone responded to our goals of making a truly independent film in our hometown with fervor and enthusiasm,” Bemis said, “and we were inexplicably thrilled to be able to shoot almost the entire film at will here in Peekskill.”

Look at this: “Strawberry Flavored Plastic” will be available for download on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and on DVD on Amazon, and on May 7.

Behind the scenes of "No alternative"a film by Yonkers native William Dickerson.

‘No alternative’

“No Alternative,” a story based on director William Dickerson’s relationship with his late sister, was filmed in Dickerson’s hometown of Yonkers and stars Harry Hamlin.

After the grunge and gangster rap phases of the 90s, “No Alternative” tells the story of Thomas and Bridget Harrison, brothers and sisters with very different musical tastes. The story focuses on mental health, drug use, suicide, and cultural appropriation.

The film was officially released on April 2 via iTunes and Amazon. Dickerson’s book of the same name, on which the film is based, has just been reissued with a preview written by Hamlin, a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actor.

There will be an encore screening at YoFi Fest, Thursday at 7 p.m. A Q&A with the cast of the film will follow the premiere.

Where: YoFi Digital Media Art Center, 28 Wells Avenue (entrance on Bashford Street), Yonkers.

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