GUEST APPEARANCE: Tax revenue supports schools and communities | Opinion

Did you know that a percentage of Wayne County sales tax revenue supports our local schools and communities?

As school districts across the county present their proposed budgets for the 2022-23 school year, residents may notice the positive impact of sales tax revenue sharing. This unique practice of sales tax revenue sharing, which began in 1967, provides many benefits not only to districts in Wayne County, but also to the communities of which they are a part.

The money that is given to school districts each year is based on the number of students attending the county district. Districts are able to provide critical support and enhance learning initiatives for students with this funding. In turn, the districts then use this money to reduce the tax burden on Wayne County residents. Tax revenue sharing is essential to support student learning and success.

Shared sales tax revenue is also a benefit to Wayne County residents and property owners.

By sharing sales tax revenue, county property tax owners receive property tax relief. The schools are using the money to reduce property taxes for Wayne County residents and homeowners. In 1992, the split was changed so the county will still share $5.4 million with school districts. Without this benefit, property taxes in Wayne County could be estimated to be 3-7% higher, depending on the district.

While property taxes are an annual expense that can be burdensome for families, the added sales tax on your purchases at your local florist or grocery store may not seem like such a burden.

Even those driving through Wayne County and stopping at the local gas station to buy gas are indirectly supporting school districts. This sales tax is an incredible benefit to our local communities and something that is appreciated and relied on by our school districts in Wayne County.

On behalf of Wayne County School Districts, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who supports local businesses and, in doing so, supports the future of Wayne County.

This submission is a collaborative piece of Wayne County Schools Superintendents.