Elden Ring’s Rennala Fight Has Already Had a Surprising Guest Appearance

An Elden Ring dataminer discovered that the 2nd phase of the Rennala boss fight once featured the summoning of a fan-favorite character.

The Rennala boss fight is one of the Ring of Eldenis the prettiest, and data miners have discovered that it once included a fan-favorite character as a summon to fight players. Now that the game has been out for a few months, many fans have had time to encounter the wide variety of amazing bosses Ring of Elden contains. Developer FromSoftware is no stranger to creating mind-blowing and intricate boss battles in previous games like dark souls and transmitted by blood. Many of these brilliant boss fights include intriguing lore hints for observant fans.

The director of Ring of Elden and other Soulsborne titles, Hidetaka Miyazaki is infamous for his approach to presenting his video game story. Unlike most games, FromSoftware often forces players to explore and make discoveries on their own without any direction. This often leads to players missing information about the game’s lore and sometimes completely missing optional areas that are often filled with epic bosses. But some information was found that was deleted from one of the Elden Ring’s the most crucial boss fights, and its inclusion would have had significant lore implications.


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But it turns out Ring of Elden Fan-favorite Blaidd was once a summon used by Rennala during the second phase of her boss fight. Soulsborne Observer Data Miner Zullie the witch makes the discovery that, although the spectral invocation has been removed from Ring of Elden before its launch, the remnants were left behind in the game’s code. During this second phase of the Rennala boss fight, Zullie is able to summon a small variety of allies to temporarily aid her in battle, somewhat like how players use the game’s Spirit Ashes. One of the summoning cups in this battle had players battle the sword-wielding Blaidd, who is famous for his loyalty to Rennala’s daughter, Ranni the witch. As a summon of Rennala, its inclusion would imply that the character was far more respected than players have been led to realize.

A lot Ring of Elden players are fans of Blaidd for his resemblance to from Berserk main character, Guts. Still, Blaidd’s backstory and devotion to Ranni helped elevate the character to fan-favorite status. The character can be found at several points in a game. His removal from the Rennala boss fight also included cut dialogue that would have Rennala say, “Come, Blaidd, my child!when summoning the warrior. This suggests that Ranni’s loyal servant was respected enough to be considered one of the members of the Carian family. Members of the Carian family would become incredibly well-known and powerful demigods in the whole Land’s Between character removal from combat was most likely done so as not to interfere with FromSoftware’s other questlines designed to be in the final version of the game.

For years, dedicated fans have found deleted content and hidden secrets in FromSoftware’s games. Sometimes it’s interesting inclusions like Blaidd in the Rennala fight that would have added to Elden Ring’s complex tradition. Other content found even gave fans possible clues to the future Ring of Elden PVP content. The path Ring of Elden has been crafted, it’s no surprise that fans and data miners alike are still discovering new information and content that significantly adds to the overall experience of Miyazaki’s latest creation.

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Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Source: Zullie the Witch/Youtube

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