Dawson’s Creek

Role: Jen Lindley
Run: January 20, 1998 – May 14, 2003 (6 Seasons, 128 episodes)
Director: Various
Writer: Various
Creator: Kevin Williamson
Network: WB

James Van Der Beek….Dawson Leery
Joshua Jackson….Pacey Witter
Katie Holmes….Joey Potter
Meredith Monroe….Andie McPhee
Kerr Smith….Jack McPhee
Busy Philipps….Audrey Liddell

Set in the fictional town of Capeside, MA, Dawson’s Creek is the coming of age story of four friends on the verge of adulthood. Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, and Pacey Witter are lifelong friends whose lives begin to change when a new girl, Jen Lindley, moves in next door to Dawson and the foursome start high school.

Quotes from Michelle:

“When I first read the script, I thought it was the best I ever read. I remember reading it and thinking, “I’m gonna get this.” And I’d never had that feeling before. So I went in an auditioned for the part of Jen. Let’s just say it was a big, heart-pounding, sweaty-palm experience. Waiting to hear whether or not I got the role was even worse. The day I found out I got the part, I had been in a car accident. I was in tears and hysterical, and then my agent called me in my car. I was so excited – not only about the job, but that I could afford to fix the dent in my car.”

“One girl came up to me in a roller skating rink and she said, ‘I hate you on the show and I think you’re a bitch, but can I have your autograph anyway?'”

“I probably don’t want to be doing this at 23, suffering from the 90210 syndrome; but for the next few years, there’s no place I’d rather be.”

Quotes from Jen:

Jen: Oh hell.
Grams: Don’t swear dear. God is listening.
Jen: If he’s listening, then he should realize that you’re allowed to say it if it’s heard on Network TV.

Jen: [to Joey] You know, I used to think that it was our mutual feelings for Dawson that kept us apart. I never really considered the fact that maybe you were just a bitch.

Jen: You know what? I happen to agree with Joey. I mean, sure we’ve all grown to tolerate each other, but I still think we’re a long shot off from 90210-land of best friends forever.

Jen: This is some alternate reality where our intellects are sharper, our quips are wittier, and our hearts are repeatedly broken while faintly in the background some soon-to-be out-of-date contempo pop music plays.

Jen: I mean, from the second that I stepped out of that cab and onto the Creek, I–I was the instigator, you know? The girl who caused problems and rocked the creek and upset the delicate emotional balance of Capeside, and–and I don’t want Amy to be that person. I want her to belong. I feel like I never really did.



– Filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, at EUE/Screen Gems studios and on location around Wilmington, Southport and Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. College scenes in the fifth and sixth seasons shot at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, and additional shooting was done in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1999 some scenes were shot on the University of Richmond campus. The fourth season episode “Eastern Standard Time” also did location shooting in New York City, including at Grand Central Terminal.

– Creator Kevin Williamson left the show at the end of the second season, but returned to write the two-part series finale.

– Executive Producer Paul Stupin has stated that Michelle originally auditioned for the part of Joey, but Michelle disagrees with this and says she only remembers auditioning for Jen.

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