Killer Joe

Role: Dottie Smith
Run: April 20, 1999 (previews) – June 27, 1999
Director: Wilson Milam
Writer: Tracy Letts
Theater: Soho Playhouse

Seth Ullian….Chris Smith
Lori Petty….Sharla Smith
Marc A. Nelson….Ansel Smith
Paul Dillon….Killer Joe Cooper

The story of a dysfunctional Texas trailer park family: son Chris, who needs quick cash to pay off a drug debt, his father Ansel (Marc A. Nelson) who’s in no position to help him; his manipulating step mother (Lori Petty) and his innocent sister Dottie (Michelle Williams). Chris’ real mother has stolen the only “assets” he has, leaving him only one way out, until Killer Joe (Paul Dillon) enters the scene.

Quotes from Michelle:

”I’ve wanted to find things that create a risk and force me to go out on a limb. Doing the nudity in the play was cathartic and freeing, really the best thing that ever happened to me. The importance of the play was overshadowed by my getting naked, which was absurd to me. It’s a great headline, and I’m sure it will sell papers, but it’s not what the play was about.”

“It’s been really consuming to play this role — at the cost to myself, personally, and my friends, because they’ve had to deal with me. Doing this play has been incredibly tumultuous and strenuous.”



– Michelle replaced Fairuza Balk in the role of Dottie.


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