If These Walls Could Talk 2

Role: Linda
Release Date: March 5, 2000 (HBO)
Directors: Martha Coolidge (segment “1972”)
Writers: Sylvia Sichel (segment “1972”), Alex Sichel (segment “1972”)
MPAA Rating: R
Tagline: Women love women.
Genre: Drama

Chloë Sevigny…Amy
Nia Long…Karen
Natasha Lyonne…Jeanne
Amy Carlson….Michelle

Pleased with the success of 1996’s initial presentation, HBO gathered another group of successful actresses for If These Walls Could Talk 2. Set in the same suburban house as the original–but with different inhabitants–this made-for-cable trilogy is a dramatic exploration into the lives of three separate lesbian couples in three different moments in history. The second installment, 1972, follows Linda, a young lesbian college student, who falls in love with Amy, a masculine woman. Unfortunately, her feminist friends refuse to accept their union, creating even more turmoil in the young woman’s life.

Michelle’s character:
Michelle plays Linda, a feminist, lesbian college student. She and her friends initially make fun of Amy for her masculine style, but Linda eventually falls for her.

Quotes from the Movie:

Quotes from Michelle:
“[I made this project] to make a difference. To open somebody’s eyes. Even it’s one or two or three people. To induce change and ruin prejudice.”

“It’s a really vulnerable place to be, but I’m also really glad that my first love scene was with a woman. I think that everybody is curious by nature.”



– Natasha Lyonne co-starred with Michelle in But I’m a Cheerleader.

– Nominated for Outstanding Made for Television Movie at the 52nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

– The cast and creators of the film won the 2000 Lucy Award for Innovation in Television.


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