Brett Goldstein Makes Hilarious Guest Appearance on ‘Sesame Street’

Brett Goldstein Makes Hilarious Guest Appearance In

Writer and actor Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso, SuperBob) made a comedic appearance on the hit children’s show sesame street this week pairing her adorably grumpy Ted Lasso character Roy Kent with Oscar The Grouch, also adorably grumpy.

Goldstein has documented his prior appearance on Instagram, posting several photos of himself posing with some of the show’s most famous characters such as Oscar The Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Bert and Ernie. While his appearance will air later this year according to the Golden Globe-winning actor, he made sure to already thank the cast and crew for this dream come true.

“Truly a great cast and crew filling this whole street with all the love you could want. Special thanks to Elmo and Grover and Big Bird and Oscar and Cookie Monster, sorry if I scared you. Special thanks to @karynl5, @sherrierwestin, Stephen M Youngwood and Zack Van Amburg for making this dream come true. It was perfect,” Goldstein said in his post.

The actor is truly a fan of the show, so much so that he made his love for the show a surprising trait for his Ted Lasso character too. In one Squire article, Goldstein even said that once he finally starts working with the Muppets, his life will truly be complete.

“That’s my ultimate goal is to work with the Muppets,” Goldstein told Esquire. “I do this, then I’m dead.”

Goldstein is such a huge fan that he once performed a song by The Muppets Christmas Carol at a charity music event to raise money for Parkinson’s research. In true hardcore fan format, Goldstein made sure to let his fans know how excited he was to finally head to the iconic street.

I finally found my way to Sesame Street (all you have to do is ask, through song) and it was more wonderful than I could have imagined,” Goldstein wrote in his article.