BC Lions owner Amar Doman teases new jerseys and ‘Vancouver won’t forget’ season-opening guest appearance

Amar Doman is many things: an entrepreneur, a business mogul, a philanthropist and, apparently, a massive teaser.

BC Lions owner joined Donnie and Dhali on CHEK TV in Vancouver Thursday to talk about the 2022 season, but was deliberately sparse with details on some of the team’s biggest projects. One thing is certain, fans should look forward to an announcement in the near future regarding the Lions season opener at BC Place.

“We are organizing something special. We can’t lend a hand yet, we’ll announce that shortly as we get closer to the season, but June 11th, Saturday night, will be a night Vancouver won’t forget. Everyone is going to write about this one,” Doman hinted.

“We want to rock the CFL a bit that night. We’re going to throw a big party, it’s going to start early and the Lions are going to face the Elks to kick off the season. It’s going to be an amazing night and I think we’re going to have a very serious level of turnout once we announce the guests we’re going to have.

Doman gave no further indication of who these guests were, musical or otherwise, but the team has recently made headlines for their celebrity connections. On Super Bowl Sunday, Vancouver-born Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds rocked social media by adorning his Fiery co-star comedy legend Will Ferrell head-to-toe in BC Lions gear for the big game.

Doman wouldn’t admit how pre-planned the moment was, but did indicate that more celebrity collaborations would be in store.

“We say it’s all part of the master plan and we can’t comment further, but I will say it’s gone completely viral,” he smiled.

“There are a few things we are working on in the background with a lot of different personalities and celebrities so I will leave it at that but what a great honor for the BC Lions and you are definitely going to see more like that.”

How star-studded the season opener might be remains to be seen, but celebs like Reynolds and Ferrell may need to freshen up their wardrobes before any future appearances. When asked if the Lions will be getting new shirts next season, the owner’s noncommittal response revealed the game.

“You ask me all the questions I can’t tell you,” laughed Doman. “You know, I probably answered it there, so we’ll just keep this one a secret so to speak. There might be something interesting coming up for 2022.”