Baichung Bhutia Makes a Featured Appearance at the 14th Sumi Hoho Trophy | MorungExpress

The 14th Sumi Hoho Trophy organized by the Sumi Games and Sports Association in Suruhuto City ended on March 9. (Photo DIPR)

Zunheboto, March 9 (MExN): The 14th Sumi Hoho Trophy was held by the Sumi Games and Sports Association in Suruhuto City and ended on March 9.

Wing Commander S Akheto Jakhalu, (VSM) Project Director IAF (Nagaland) graced the closing ceremony of the exhibition as guest of honor and former Indian football captain, Baichung Bhutia, Arjuna laureate, Padma Shri, and also brand ambassador ‘Nagaland Premium Tea’ as a featured guest.

According to a DIPR report, Baichung Bhutia said, “When he arrived in Suruhuto the other day, the place looked exactly like his hometown. He thanked the organizers for inviting him and his team to Suruhuto. He encouraged people to always go back to their roots and give back, to help in the development process and to promote others who are not as lucky or as gifted as you. He added that after duly consulting Jakhalu, they decided that in a few days they would select 5 or 6 coaches from Suruhuto, train them in Sikkim or Siliguri so that they can return home and train the people.

Jakhalu thanked Baichung and his team for their attendance and added that the exhibition match was not only for fun but also a historic day for the Sumi people and he sowed a seed for the Sumi people to compete. also at national and international level. He urged the players saying that sport teaches us many things, it teaches us to be disciplined, to respect authority, and teaches us that in life you can’t do anything without Teamwork. He also encouraged parents to focus on extra-curricular activities and village councils to encourage sports in their respective villages if they want to see their village grow because this little sportsman will one day become a leader to lead their village. He also advised the congregation to focus on tourism as there are many ways to earn a living by displaying our traditional and cultural artifacts, traditional games, etc.

Finally, he asked the organizers to try to add cultural and traditional games to the next edition of the Sumi hoho trophy.
In the exhibition match played between Baichung 11 USFC and Sumi 11 FC, the match was a draw as both teams failed to score.
In the women’s volleyball final match between Pughoboto and Highway, Pughoboto won, and in the men’s volleyball category, Akuluto (VK) defeated Kuhuboto to become the volleyball champion.

In the final game, i.e. the men’s football, Kuhuboto defeated Niuland 2-0 to become the champion.