Akbar Gbajabiamila of The Talk offers an upcoming appearance in The Bold and The Beautiful

Back in January Akbar Gbajabiamila crossed by The speech, where he is a co-host, to another CBS program Love glory and beauty. There he portrayed an executive named Max. This week, Gbajabiamila will reprise the role in Guest roomsand he shared his thoughts on his two day jobs with TV Insider.

The former NFL star has always loved soaps. He revealed:

Everyone needs escape. Before reality TV, there was – and still is – the father of everything, which, for me, is the soap opera. My parents called them their “stories”. I remember crying when Susan Lucci won his Daytime Emmy [for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1999 for her role as Erica on All My Children] — and I had never even met her! I go back to [axed serials] Ryan’s Hope and Magnet. I call these shows and Guest rooms establishments. These shows are woven into the fabric of television. How many shows run for four or five seasons and then they’re gone? Soaps are phenomenal because they have stories that have been going on for so long.

What can fans expect from Max’s next appearance at Forrester Creations? Gbajabiamila teased:

I’m not sure I’m free to say corn I will say that I was lucky to reconnect with Thorsten. It was pretty cool to be back there. Both Lawrence [Saint-Victor, who plays Carter] and Thorsten [Kaye, Ridge] were extremely helpful and calmed my nerves. I wanted to make sure I did a good job.

And what are some of the things he appreciates the most about co-hosting The speech? He thought :

I like receiving new information. I’m a strong believer in conversation rather than confrontation. We all have this spirit [at the show]. The power of having a conversation is that you are always learning. I like to learn new things. It was so cool to have Eric Braden [Victor, The Young and the Restless] on the show. The fact that he is a football fan, it’s cool! Also I have to dance with Paula Abdul. It may have only lasted 30 seconds, but it felt longer. I also loved having Ludacris [rapper and actor, The Fast and the Furious] on the show. I would like to hang out with him. He has a charm about him.